GBL Pay.
The intersection of crypto and fiat.

GBL Pay provides seamless integration between cryptocurrency and multiple fiat payment gateways.  Under one platform and through a single integration point, it reduces the cost to maintain and support multiple systems.
With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, GBL recognized a shift from it being simply a method for investment, to now being recognized as a viable way to make payments. By eliminating complex integration points across the crypto ecosystem, GBL Pay enables merchants to rapidly add a variety of payment options to serve the needs of their customers across the globe.
At the end of 2019, GBL approached HppyHour about a new product they were launching at the beginning of 2020. They wanted a website that was lean, focused and clearly provided differentiation from their other core product offerings. The launch was tied to a large gaming conference in Europe where they were looking to announce their new product, GBL Pay, to the market. However, it came with a major hurdle - HppyHour only had one month to design and develop a website to be ready for the product launch. HppyHour leveraged Webflow and its ability to iterate quickly without sacrificing any customization that would be required.
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GBL Pay Redefines Crypto Payments 

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Simplifying the impossible.
At the time leading up to the conference, the world of cryptocurrency was exciting and very fast paced. For the general public, it was still largely an abstract concept and was difficult to articulate. So the challenge was how to communicate GBL Pay’s core value proposition in a manner that was easy to understand. Since it was a new product there wasn’t much in the way of visual or written content, so much of this content had to be created within the one month time frame. Since the team at HppyHour was well-versed in taking complex ideas and simplifying them, this was right up their alley, and with Webflow at their disposal, the goal of meeting the one month launch date was attainable.
Abstract becomes a reality.
The team at HppyHour looked at different ways to communicate GBL’s new product knowing largely that this would still be an abstract concept for the intended audience. What’s more, much of the core product consists of backend integration points to other systems, and the look and feel of the front end can vary depending on the client. 

HppyHour leaned on their experience in creating engaging products and developed a conceptual user interface to open up the imagination of what is possible with the GBL Pay platform. They continued to highlight the core functionality of the product by designing a lean and focused long scrolling website. The idea was to ensure that each product's core functionality is represented in a format that customers could easily digest, and subsequently lead to booking a demo with the sales team. 
Screenshot of GBL Pay Site
It was amazing to see the incredible reception we had at the conference. At times it was so busy we couldn’t keep up with having to explain our product in detail to every prospect.
Making a splash. 
The product successfully launched at the London conference. The new GBL Pay website assisted the sales team in effectively communicating value to interested prospects at the show and was a great supporting tool in capturing leads, and continued to assist in driving ongoing interest even several months after the launch. 

GBL’s director of revenue stated, “The website enabled us to keep leads warm so we could revisit them later on. HppyHour did such as fantastic job in such a short time period". HppyHour attributes much of the success of this project to a combination of talent, collaboration, and a platform like Webflow, which enabled them to deliver the project on time and on budget.
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