Equite Association.
Defending Against Insurance Crime.

Équité Association is a Canadian company committed to protecting Canadians and contributing to a more equitable world by tackling insurance crime.
Insurance fraud is becoming more pervasive as technology and digitalization accelerate. Équité is national in scope, independent, and focused on detecting and preventing insurance crime. Modeled after the Insurance Fraud Bureau (UK) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (US), Équité is a not-for-profit organization that supports insurers in Canada to fight fraud by using advanced analytics, intelligence best practices, and coordinated investigations. They are proudly industry-founded and member-driven: their members are invested in protecting their customers and keeping insurance crime out of Canada.  

Équité approached HppyHour Digital in August 2021 with the goal of having a new web presence live in time for their official launch in October 2021. With two months to spare, we needed to build a site that would educate Canadians about insurance crime, sell insurers on Équité’s value proposition, and inspire its team during their start up year. So we got to work!

Designers Brice, Kitty, and Adrian formed the pod that would own Équité’s project. What excited them most was it was clear that Équité’s team wanted to push the boundaries with the design. Insurer websites, much like government websites, were traditionally full of text documents strung together by inline links and images sliced up into tables. Form took the back seat to functionality, and brand elements got little to no spotlight. Équité understood the role design would play in inspiring their insurance partners to take action, and as a first impression to the industry, the website had to make an impact.

Équité Association is born.

Innovation is doing things better
Machine learning and data science have opened up endless opportunities, many of which are enormously profitable ventures; a not-for-profit taking advantage of technology to enact positive change was so inspiring to us, as technology professionals. We realized that as a company providing technology-driven solutions to its members, it was important that Équité looks the part. They needed to look like a technology company, just as much as they are expert investigators and the united front against insurance fraud and crime. Not only would this help attract and inspire the technical talent needed for their data science operations, but also show the insurance industry that continued innovation is critical if we all want change. This means doing new things.
Awareness is the first step
Insurance crime is not a victimless crime and affects every Canadian in one way or another, from our wallets to our psyches. Équité is just as much an educator as it is an innovator in the fight against insurance crime, not only spreading awareness, but also tips on avoidance, critical data like the top 10 most stolen vehicles in Canada, and where to go for help. This meant that content would take the front seat on the website, and making it easy to discover would be a priority for our designers.
Equitably serving all
Tackling insurance crime is a united effort that starts with awareness and collaboration. With almost a third of Canada’s population in Quebec, this meant Équité’s website and educational offerings would also need to be available in French. We took the time to present the options for managing this using the Webflow CMS, and helped guide Équité’s team to a solution that allows their marketing and communications team to easily and efficiently manage their bilingual resource library and website!
Your collaboration, design leadership and determination to help us succeed makes you a great partner. We’re thrilled with the results.
VP, Partner & Employee Engagement and Marketing
Équité Association 
We’ll admit, this one came down to the wire.
Building a website takes time. Planning an entire approach, content strategy, and designing that website takes a little bit more time. But, working with both our and Équité resources, we managed to get it done, and on October 4, 2021, Équité made their big intro to Canada’s insurance industry. On the day of launch, we were thrilled to receive positive feedback across the whole organization, from the board, to the executive team, to the team we worked with from day one.

To learn more about Équité Association and their mission to defend against insurance crime, head over to To learn more about how we can help you make your first impression, whether you’re entering a new market or launching a new product, get in touch with our team.
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