Data Intelligence and Automation.

Aparavi is a SaaS data intelligence and automation platform that empowers organizations to mitigate risk, reduce costs and storage, and leverage data.
With the rapid growth of data comes significant challenges, and often great opportunities. By helping teams discover hidden data, eliminate their data silos, and reduce the data risk of their organization, Aparavi puts data to work and creates a true competitive advantage.

Aparavi approached HppyHour Digital in December 2020 with the task of a total website and partial brand refresh, along with the migration of their legacy Wordpress resource library to Webflow CMS. What made them take the leap? The performance advantages, CMS ease-of-use, and control that Webflow offered their marketers. But with hundreds of blog articles, case studies, ebooks, and other CMS content, this was a big logistical challenge.

Designers Brice and Kitty took on the Aparavi project, collaborating directly with Aparavi's CMO and marketing team. What helped them get started was defining a few keys to success.

The road ahead

1. Take it one step at a time
The exciting part about Aparavi was they were already an established company, with a mature product, strong customer base, and a global team. But this also meant they had a sprawling web presence, with years worth of blog posts and resource library content. Before getting to any design, we knew we would need to dig deep and organize this content. Migrating from any CMS can be a challenge, and sometimes automating the task leaves loose ends (and messed up h-tags!). So we decided to go over every indexed link in the website and resource library, documenting it to be checked off when we finally migrate the content. When the time came, we manually migrated Aparavi's blog and resource library content to Webflow, ensuring SEO remained in place and nothing goes missing.
2. Less is more
How do you know what to say, when you have so much to say? Therein lies one of the biggest dilemmas facing every web designer and copywriter on the face of the earth. Aparavi's marketing team prides itself on great messaging, and they had a lot of it. As designers, our our job is to maximize the impact of that messaging on site viewers by keeping things concise and "scannable". It's important to remember that people are time poor, so keeping copy digestible means less is more.

We accomplished this by "meeting in the middle", crafting a design around the ideal amount of copy, before challenging their marketing team to stick to a capped number of characters. By the end of the project, we were thrilled to hear that new leads skyrocketed and site viewers were taking action.
3. Avoid visual clichés 🙄
If you haven't seen this image yet, take a mental note, because you will! There's nothing wrong with the image itself, it's obviously a great one if it's been downloaded almost 500,000 times at the time of writing! The problem is it's already been used in 1000s of websites, social media posts, and marketing material. When someone sees it, they know it's not truly "yours". Aparavi understood the challenge of finding imagery that fits your brand like a great pair of jeans. But they needed some help avoiding visual clichés.

With a small budget, we designed video and photography that subtly incorporated the Aparavi product. Custom imagery doesn't have to mean big budget video shoots, photographers, and models. Sometimes, it's as simple as taking what's available to you and reimagining it to be your own.
Sticking with it, from start to finish.
There's no such thing as design, build, launch and see-ya-later when it comes to the web. Browsers change, bugs seemingly appear out of nowhere, and brands need the occasional refresh. It's the responsibility of web designers to see it through, including training and onboarding, handoff to new developers, and making fixes where ever needed.

We're happy to say we've been Aparavi's parter for over a year at the time of writing. It's been a joy to work at their site, and seeing the site scale to tens of pages, with a CMS full of ebooks, case studies, blog posts, and more, is just further proof of how Webflow is empowering marketers to move faster and own their sites.
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